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Itachi by Kurai-Tamashi


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October 3, 2011
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Itachi - First Meeting by trixieg Itachi - First Meeting by trixieg
From the scene in the manga when Naruto first meets Sasuke. Done to accompany Chapter 2 of A Voice in the Wind (my Naru/Saku fanfic) where Sakura first sees Itachi. Thought it deserved an appropriately intimidating Itachi pic!

From Chapter 2, Perseverance:

She set the apple aside and followed his gaze, curious to see who could illicit such a response from this bunch. She was not disappointed.

With a grace that was rare among shinobi, a man fluidly rounded the corner, black cloak rippling at his calves as he walked. He padded so smoothly across the dusty ground that his shoulders and limbs were nearly motionless, giving him the disconcerting appearance of gliding. Skilled in stealth, Sakura was just summing up, but stopped suddenly as his face came into clearer focus.

The features were horribly familiar: pale skin, flat black eyes, glossy dark hair. His face had a pallor which gave him a menacing air and offset the elegance of his movements.

Sakura flattened her hands nervously in her lap. This man was a nightmare version of her stormy teammate.

Black eyes swept over the group - the flicker of a frown told her that this scene was not what he expected - and landed back on her companion momentarily. He nodded at the man beside her, black wisps dancing along his face, then shifted his emotionless gaze a fraction to settle on the her.

A long dark ponytail trailed down his shoulder as he tipped his chin to assess her.

Sakura quickly focused on the ground past the edge of her shoes, and prayed she was wrong about his identity.

Beside her, the silence was punctured by the sound of gravel crunching as her warden shifted his stance again and sighed. He was clearly unflustered by the scrutiny. Sakura however sat frozen on the stone, trying to keep her palpable fear concealed as long as possible.

With barely a whisper preceding them, the tips of two black sandals came into line in front of her feet and stopped. The fabric of a his cloak curled into the space between them. Sakura swallowed involuntarily.

"What is your name," she heard a low voice addressing her as calmly as if she were a child who had wandered into their camp. But Sakura would not trust his smooth tones. Her only response was to look at the ground.

"Are you a teammate of Uchiha Sasuke," he asked again patiently, but she kept her vision fixed on the dust at their feet.

He paused briefly, then began again, "Do you know who I am?"

Sakura sat painfully still, not wanting to give away her suspicion that in front of her was one of Konoha's most dangerous nukenins, the one who slaughtered his entire clan save one.

He squatted down in front of her and steepled his fingers. Never changing his voice, Itachi moved directly into her eye line. Sakura's only response was fear driven: She knew what was coming next and shut her eyes.

"You may open your eyes," he said, clasping his hands together. He was still speaking to her as if she were a child, but instead of a compassion there was an edge belying the obedience he expected. "I understand you've had some experience with genjutsu, but it will not be necessary today. Open your eyes please," he ended firmly.

Sakura took him at his word, truly afraid of the consequences if she didn't, and opened her eyes to focus on the ground just past his shoulder.

"Good girl," he drawled. Even if she tried, Sakura could not have stopped her lips from pressing into a thin line at the condescending remark, and she flicked her eyes involuntarily to his face.

He nodded almost imperceptibly, signaling that she had given the desired response to his provoking remark.

"Sasuke is my little brother, and I have an interest in him," the man continued on as if they had resumed their pleasant conversation. "I would like to know how he's doing, how his skills are progressing. You and I are from the same village, I am sure we will find we have many things in common. Think about what I've said, and we will speak again later."

Sakura swallowed again hard and returned her gaze to the ground where he was seconds ago crouching, her body frozen in disbelief at the confirmation, her thoughts a whirlwind. Uchiha Itachi. This was no ambush for ransom, this was a targeted attack by one of Konoha's most feared rogue nin. Sakura forced her expression to go blank, trying to mask the horror that was bubbling up within her.
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